Be Inkandescent Magazine Feature: Inside the Monumental Photography of DC's Alfredo Flores

Born and raised in Washington, DC, photographer Alfredo Flores says he’s always had an affinity for the metro region’s vibrant arts scene.

So having the opportunity to capture in pictures some of the world’s most famous musicians, artists, and celebs who come to town has not only enabled him to pursue the career of his dreams—it has made him an incredible entrepreneur.

His long list of clients include The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Elle magazine, and USA Today, as well as Hugo Boss, Moët Hennessy, Neiman Marcus, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and the Embassy of France.

Among the many awards he has received is one he’s most proud of: landing on the Washington Life Magazine’s Hot List for Top Event Photographers in the National Capital Area.

“This honor is so exciting because it shows me that I have accomplished my goal of being a trusted event photographer in my hometown,” says Flores, who also has been called the hardest working photographer in DC.

“Having a strong work ethic is critical to me. I also enjoy using my networking and interviewing skills from training as a reporter at the University of Missouri School of Journalism to build a rapport with my photography clients. With every photo shoot that I go on, my mission is to make my clients feel at ease, and that leads to fun and vibrant photos.”

Following are some of Flores’ monumental shots.

Edge of U2: M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore

This might be the clearest indication of just how far I’ve come along in my photojournalism career. As a newspaper and magazine reporter for a dozen years, and a freelance photographer for about half that time, I really got into the DC music scene right before Obama’s election in 2008. I got some great opportunities to take photos of some amazing concerts at that time, but the quality of my early music photography wasn’t nearly as good as it is today. Just like any artist who wants to excel in their craft, practice is the way to go. So I dedicated the entire year of 2009—starting off with the inaugural galas for POTUS—to refine, improve, learn, and perfect my style of photography. Music photography was my launching point, and one of my first major gigs was covering U2 at FedEx Field in 2009. Fast forward two years—and I get another opportunity to shoot U2. This time, I far exceed my expectations and score this stunning pic of Edge in full “riff” mode.

Jay-Z: At the Verizon Center, Washington, DC

While my photos of Jay-Z in 2010 were plenty good, I got much better at taking his photo when he returned to DC in 2011. I knew he would perform the first three songs of his newest album, “Watch the Throne,” during his 2011 show, and on my way to the arena I listened to those three songs over and over again. I knew when he’d hit a strong note, when he’d pause, when he might look out into the audience. And with this insider knowledge, I timed my photos to capture each and every one of these moments—my favorite being this one, when Jay-Z (on the left) tells the audience to calm down—no need to exert all their energy in the concert’s first few songs; there’s plenty of time to party.

An Evening of Exploration: National Geographic Society, Washington, DC

In one of my numerous magazine assignments covering high society in Washington, I was able to get this candid photo of two explorers who have not seen each other in ages. I’ve always been a fan of Nat Geo documentaries, and this was my first exposure to the people who put together these great television productions—and it was nice to be able to grab this classic photo of people reuniting after a long time apart.

Pink Rocks the Runway: The International Trade Center Atrium, Washington, DC

I love to give a simple, posed photo some edge. In this image, I noticed Katie’s big ring and told her I thought it was great. She mentioned that it was new, and that she would love for it to be photographed. Voila! What I like most about it is the colorful outfits the women are wearing, which compliment the wildly colorful backdrop. This is definitely one of my favorite, most colorful images.

Khalil + Melissa: Romancing the Coast, Peaks Island, Maine

In the days leading up to the wedding, it was a typical dreary, rainy summer in Maine—so much so that there were concerns about flooding, but the wedding would go on, rain or shine. The sun certainly did break out on this beautiful day, and the amazing backdrop of this beach made for a beautiful wedding photo.


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